Here at Carson Nissan, we're proud to offer an extensive assortment of new Nissan models for you to browse, from stunning sedans to versatile SUVs and pickup trucks. And once you've decided on the new vehicle you'd like to spend time inside of every day, the next step is deciding whether you want to purchase or lease that model. Thankfully, you'll have our dedicated finance experts to help you decide between buying or leasing, which we explain in some more detail below.

Perks of Buying a New Nissan Model

One route you could take is entering an auto loan and purchasing your favorite new Nissan model from Carson Nissan. This option offers several advantages, like the ability to customize the vehicle however you please. You also won't have a mileage cap, meaning you can drive as much as you'd like without worries of additional charges. Later down the road, when you're ready to part ways with the car, you'll get to sell it or trade it in for a newer, more exciting model and make money back.

Reasons to Consider Leasing

Leasing is the other popular option for new car shoppers at Carson Nissan. That's because this financing option usually entails lower monthly payments than purchasing the model. And once you reach the end of your term, you can swap out your vehicle to lease a new Nissan model with the latest tech upgrades and performance enhancements. So, if you like switching up vehicles every few years or think you'll have changing vehicle needs in the future, leasing might be the better option for you.

Learn More About Your Options Today

Still not sure whether to buy or lease your next new Nissan vehicle? Then give our team a call or visit Carson Nissan today to learn more.

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