Buying vs Leasing at Carson Nissan

Which Option is Best for You?

If you are thinking about getting behind the wheel of a new car, truck, or SUV for your daily commute to Long Beach, CA, you may be wondering whether you should lease or buy it. There are many good reasons as to why people choose either option. The key is determining which is best for you. The finance center at Carson Nissan, located at 1505 E 223rd Street in Carson, CA, is the resource you need to help you make that decision. We have the finance experts who can help you guide you through the complex world of auto financing and leasing.

Is Leasing the Right Option for Me?

Have you talked to a lot of your friends and neighbors in Lakewood, CA who have decided to lease their new Nissan vehicle? Do you wonder if a Nissan lease might fit your lifestyle? There are a lot of folks who come to our dealership wondering if leasing is the right choice for them. The truth is that a Nissan lease agreement might be the best choice for a variety of drivers. While it may be a great option for a lot of people, many lessees share certain traits in common. Some of these include:

  • Their driving habits lead to about 15,000 miles a year or less on the road
  • They lack the desire to customize or personalize their vehicle with various accessories or graphics
  • Many lessees feel like they want to get into the driver's seat of a new car, truck, or SUV every few years

Even if you don't match up with the criteria above, leasing still might be the best fit for you. You should discuss it as an option with our finance professionals.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Leasing?

Leasing gets you a variety of perks that might make it a more attractive option for you. In fact, one of the reasons many people get interested in a Nissan lease originally is because they hear about all of the impressive perks that come along with it. Some of the benefits of leasing a Nissan vehicle include:

  • A low monthly payment on a new Nissan car, truck, or SUV than you would get by financing it for the same term
  • Protection of your vehicle under the manufacturer's warranty for the entire time it is in your possession
  • The chance to get a new car every few years that is equipped with the latest technology and features

Is Buying the Right Choice for Me?

It is no secret that leasing has become a very popular choice for drivers over the course of the last decade. That being said, there are still plenty of people in the Lynwood, CA area for which buying would be a better choice. As with leasing, buying works for a large swath of customers. There are some traits that show up in a lot of folks who choose to buy:

  • They have unpredictable or high mileage driving habits that make leasing less advantageous
  • There is no desire to shop for a new vehicle every few years, or they enjoy holding onto a car for a long time
  • Many buyers enjoy personalizing and customizing their new car, truck, or SUV

While this may sound like you, it still doesn't mean that buying is the best option for you. Contact our finance experts to discuss whether this is the best choice for your needs.

What Are the Perks of Buying?

Leasing is not the only financing option with a host of benefits. Folks who buy their Nissan car, truck, or SUV also get some perks. While they may not be advertised as often as leasing benefits, the advantages of buying are still attractive to many people. Some of these perks include:

  • No restrictions on mileage.
  • You do not need to be concerned with dings and dents that could lead to damage fees
  • At the end of your auto loan, you will have equity in your vehicle that you can use toward something newer

Explore Our Nissan Specials

Carson Nissan, in Carson, CA, often has Nissan financing offers and lease deals on several new Nissan models. Contact our finance experts to talk about whether buying or leasing is best for you, or complete our credit application to see which promotions apply to you.

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