Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

Nissan Cooling System Fluid Exchange in Carson, CA

Coolant works to move through your car to keep it at a safe functioning temperature while it is running. As your car ages and is used every day, the coolant tends to lose volume, it may change in texture, and it also may pick up dirt and grime. This makes it harder for the coolant to do its job of keeping your car cool and functioning properly. It is always important to keep an eye on your coolant quality and your coolant levels as well so that you can make sure your car is going to run the way it is supposed to no matter what temperature it is outside or in the engine of the car.

Why Should I have a Coolant Fluid Exchanged

Your coolant fluid is a very important part of your car. You should be taking the time to make sure it is of good quality and the right levels as well so that your car can continue to function at safe temperatures. If your coolant gets too low, if it gets too thick or is full of dirt, or if it changes too much in texture, you are going to need a replacement. The coolant keeps your car from overheating and from major damage occurring in the engine.

Delaying a Coolant Fluid Exchanges

Delaying this type of service nearly always ends in a car that does not run because it constantly overheats. Your car has a built-in safety mechanism that when the engine is too hot, it shuts off. This keeps fires from breaking out and keeps you, your passengers, and other drivers safe. If you run out of coolant or it is unable to do what it is meant to do, you are not going to be able to go anywhere and you are going to have to deal with a car that overheats not long after you get it started. Keeping your coolant at the proper level and the proper consistency helps to keep your car running smoothly.

Carson Nissan Service Center

Carson Nissan has a comfortable customer waiting for lounge and they also offer a team of highly trained technicians that are ready and waiting to get your car back on the road. We also offer online service scheduling, kids play area, and work stations.

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Complimentary Dealership Amenities

Carson Nissan Service Advisors
Carson Nissan Snack Bar
Carson Nissan Parts Department
Carson Nissan Kids Area

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection
  • Rental Cars Available
  • Courtesy Transportation Shuttle
  • Complimentary Beverage & Coffee Bar
  • Vending Machines
  • Children's Play Area
  • Online Service Scheduling
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