Nissan Rear Brake Pad Replacement Service

New Rear Brake Pads for Sale in Carson, CA

The brakes on your Nissan are a critical component for bringing your vehicle to a complete stop. Made up of three parts, the brake system consists of a rotor, caliper, and rear and front brake pads which are located next to the rotor on each side of the vehicle. During a rear brake pad replacement, the older worn brake pads are removed from the caliper and are replaced.

Certified Nissan Brake Services

Our factory-trained certified service technicians will also check the rotors to inspect them for damage and wear as over time, rotors can become warped and the brake pads can become coated with brake debris build-up. When the rotors are machined or 'turned', this debris build-up is removed along with any warping present on the rotor to create a smooth finish to restore and extend its life. In addition to replacing the rear brake pads and inspecting the rotors, the service technician will also inspect:

  • Conduct a brake fluid test
  • Measure wear on the rear brake pads
  • Measure drum wear
  • Conduct emergency/parking brake inspection

Installing New Brake Pads

Although brake pads are relatively inexpensive, they are designed to be replaced when needed. Over time, the life of the brake pads will wear as the friction that is created when pressed again the rotor is created to bring the vehicle to a stop.

Signs You Need New Brake Pad

If you live in the Long Beach, Torrance, or Gardena areas of California, driving in this metropolitan area may cause the lifespan of the brake pads to wear sooner than if you lived in rural California. While the lifespan of the brake pads cannot be predicted, their wear can be detected when you hear or notice the following:

  • Sound of grinding metal
  • The indicator light is illuminated
  • The sound of squealing when the brake pedal is depressed
  • The brake pedal vibrates when depressed
  • The brake pad thickness is less than 1/4 inches (10.16 cm)
  • The steering wheel shakes while driving
  • The car pulsates or wobbles when driving at high speeds

Carson Nissan Service Department

Every component of your vehicle's braking system is critical to ensuring your vehicle operates properly to brake when needed, keeping you and your passengers safe. We only use genuine OEM brake pads and parts to ensure a factory fit and performance. Call us today at (866)-312-0162 during regular service department hours to schedule an appointment for your next rear brake pad replacement service.


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