What’s up AMP Radio Family, it's Yesi Ortiz. Now shopping for a car can feel really overwhelming, I know – I get it, but my friends at Carson Nissan want to make it as easy and painless for you as possible. Carson Nissan is more than just a dealership, they treat you like family and will do everything they can to help get you financed. Check out the Nissan Sentra, the all-new Altima, or my personal favorite, the Rogue Sport. Visit Carson Nissan dot com to learn more or call (888) 737-1122 to schedule a time to go visit their beautiful new showroom.

Mental Health is R.E.A.L

Carson Nissan is actively involved in our local and surrounding neighborhoods. As a corporation, our giving programs focus on education, human services, health and wellness programs. That is why Carson Nissan proudly supports Yesi and “Mental Health is Real”. As Mahatma Ghandi said we must “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Yesi Ortiz is about that kind of change. She puts heart and soul to educate and create much needed awareness for mental health. Check out the podcast:

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